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Dodgeball league success for UEA Falcons

On Saturday 6 January, the UEA Falcons Dodgeball Club awoke early to attend round three of the University South League. With one women’s team and two men’s teams, the club set off with high spirits, excited to see how their eight games would play out. The women begun in the morning, and due to some…


Fallout 76

Last fortnight, Bethesda finally released one of the most speculated but highly anticipated releases of 2018 with quite the bang – a nuclear bang, to be more specific. This is Fallout 76, the new post-apocalyptic, vault-based and mutant-ridden action role-playing game that, for the first time in the Fallout series, features online multiplayer gameplay as…


Polo club looking to grow

Mounted players, a mallet in one hand, reins in the other; welcome to UEA Polo. This society offers you a chance to try this fun-filled and unique, fast-paced game on horseback, in which a mallet is used to hit the ball into a goal. Teams are mixed-gender and are usually made up of 4 players…