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Wuthering Heights at Maddermarket Theatre

Wuthering Heights at Maddermarket Theatre was bold, imaginative and creative.  The reworking focussed on the first part of Emily Bronte’s famous novel and established a fantastic and deeply intense story and connection between Heathcliff and Cathy.  One really successful element of the play was the wardrobe and costume and the set design. The designs were…

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Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes Review

Having studied the work of Matthew Bourne at college, I was more than excited to be given the opportunity to review his retelling of The Red Shoes at the Norwich Theatre Royal. Being unfamiliar with both the original Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale and the 1948 film, this story was completely new to me. I…

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Richard Alston’s Dance Company- ‘Final Edition’

Richard Alston’s Dance Company played their last performance at the Norwich Theatre Royal this last weekend. With a variety of performances under the title ‘Final Edition’, it seemed the production’s purpose was to show the spectrum of skill the company possessed. Alston’s company, founded in 1994, has annually performed a display of dance, with Alston…

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Mac Miller Circles Review

On the 7th of September 2018, Mac Miller passed away suddenly from a drug overdose. At the time of his death and the release of his assumed final album, he appeared happy, despite the melancholy tone of Swimming. Circles is Mac Miller’s real final album, pairing together with Swimming in concept: Swimming in Circles.  Mac…

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