“So what are you plans post-graduation?” This is quite possibly the most annoying question any soon-to-be graduate can be asked. I know most people fly into an irrational bout of rage as soon as anyone dares to utter these words anywhere within a three-mile vicinity, however, perhaps it is time the face the facts: graduation will soon be upon us. Grad Ball tickets have gone on sale, and students are already finding out where next year is going to take them. From jobs, to internships, to fleeing the country and the threat of student loan repayments: whatever your plan is — or indeed whether you have one — rest assured that you are not the only one in a mild state of panic. Most of us, myself included, feel slightly nauseous about the thought of donning that cap and gown.

This week our features team looked at the afterlife of university and have considered what options you have available to you, if you need some inspiration. And remember, if you ever need any help — CareerCentral are on hand to guide you. On Saturday, they hosted ‘Working with Words’ and showcased some of UEA’s finest alumni talent. Hats off to Adrienne Jolly who managed to make 300+ students feel both inspired and terrified about their futures simultaneously. With panels on radio production, television, journalism, publishing and everything in between it was a great reminder of all the places that UEA graduates go.

And for all you first and second years, don’t be disheartened if the course of that summer internship does not always run smoothly… We spoke to some of you this week to find out your interning horror stories and it’s nice to know that we aren’t alone in hating our summer work experience. When I interned at a newspaper in the States last year, my editor used to start talking to me in the most godawful British accent you’ve ever heard — but he had absolutely no idea he was doing it and I was too polite to ask him to stop. So, I spent the better part of the year gritting my teeth. However, it is a rite of passage to be cherished. If you’re looking for a good one this summer, CareerCentral are offering eight placements at the Independent. Myself, Caitlin and Jessica have all been lucky enough to complete this, and can’t recommend it enough. For more information check out the careers website, and get your applications in in plenty of time!

If you are planning on fleeing the country in July, make sure to turn to Travel and get the lowdown on how to do so on a student budget. With advice from fellow cheapskates it’ll help you save your pennies for what really matters (wine).

Whether you’re heading to Boston, Brighton or don’t have a bloody clue: you have plenty of time left to figure it out.

This week was a first for me: I made my debut in the sports section. After almost a year of the Sports Editors rolling their eyes every time I open my mouth to ask a question, I am finally a published Sports writer. Caitlin and I spent the evening at Highball in Norwich, most of which I spent wishing she’d fall off the wall because she was such a show off. However, once I’d got over my fear of looking like a tit (and got to the top of the wall) we had a fun, if exhausting, evening. Maybe you’ll see me competing at Derby Day… Just kidding, I’ll be the one running around with a notepad and a slightly confused look.