We’ve all asked the question, “What ever happened to them?” about our favourite pop stars that disappeared into the big black hole that was the 90s. ITV2’s latest innovative offering is answering just that, with its new show The Big Reunion.

The Big Runion

The concept behind the programme is to get six of our favourite childhood bands back together, for a one-night-only reunion gig at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. Cue airing dirty laundry, opening up old wounds and warming up some fairly rusty vocal cords.

The Big Reunion gives viewers the stories behind the headlines. It spills the beans on the scandals the fans were not aware of, especially as online media wasn’t so prolific back in the good old days. The show exposes shockers such as Abs from 5ive’s drug usage, Michelle Heaton’s diet pill addiction and Atomic Kitten Natasha’s post-natal depression at the height of their success.
But it’s not all just about the darker side of their achievements, 5ive comparing their fame to “Beatles pandemonium” will have to be a series highlight. The Big Reunion really does make for hilarious Thursday night viewing.

As the count down to the big concert fast approaches, the bands are finally reunited, luckily for us along with a film crew. It is fascinating to see how events which happened so long ago have continuously affected the band member’s lives.

If reliving a slice of your childhood, reminiscing on double-denim and finding out what 5ive are going to do now there are only four; this is the show for you.