Going into your third year at university can be a rather daunting time and the thought of it being your final year in education may be scary, but just remember that everyone is in a similar situation to you and are going to face some of the following problems along the way:

• As each year progresses, it seems that the expectations of you as a student increase. But don’t worry, just use the skills you have learnt and the feedback you received from your previous years to better yourself in your final year. If something doesn’t go to plan or you don’t get the grades you were hoping to, just learn from those mistakes and move on to your next goal.

• An increase in the work load and weekly reading – I have already been given a whole book to read plus two additional readings by the end of the week! Manage your reading by creating a schedule and plan your assignments in advance. Try to start your reading as soon as possible.

• Trying to stay motivated in your third year may be difficult, but think how far you have come. Create a study group with your friends so you can work together and stay focused.

• If you feel like giving up, keep telling yourself why you are doing this and think about how good it will feel to achieve your goal.

• Doing a dissertation? It can be very stressful to decide what to do your dissertation on before you’ve even started writing, without the added worries of carrying out the research. Try and stick to a plan so you don’t feel like giving up.

• Deciding what to do when you leave university is probably one of the toughest decisions to make – be it to stay in education or trying to find a graduate job. If you are unsure, then visit Career Central or apply to multiple places, as you don’t need to make the decision just yet.

• Maintaining a social life whilst having a lot of work to complete may be difficult, but try to enjoy your final year at university too.
• Being involved in societies, or even running a society may take up a lot of spare time, but just think how impressive it will look on your CV. It’s not just about academic qualities.

• If you have maxed out your student overdraft in the first two years, try to stick to a budget and don’t be tempted to take out any payday loans.

These problems aside, it is expected that your final year will be the most stressful with important deadlines looming and decisions to make about your future, but try and enjoy your last year at university before you go out into the ‘real world’. You will soon look back at your time at university as the best years of your life, so put your problems to one side and have fun, and make as many memories as possible.