Oh cloudy night reach down your kind hand to us
We bless your appearance so forgiving and beautiful
You cover those pretty stars those deceiving spies
That betray us to that enemy of ours who hunts
My brothers and sisters and has killed so very many
And grieves me for I forget their names
They were the most unremarkable siblings
But still it keeps us from our feast
From the food laid out so neatly
And all I want is to engorge
But the monstrous clawed
Beast needs our meat
I do not wish to—

This place is my domain not theirs,
(The giant one’s too I daren’t mistake)
So I’ll rid us of those nightmares
The verminous wretches that take and take.
Pompous and smug, vain thieving thugs
They steal, divulge, a gluttonous hoard—
I’ll squash them like bugs
For robbing my gracious overlord
Who will surely love me for this gift!

Good job cat,
Another bloody body on the mat.