Star Wars. People just can’t seem to get enough of it. What started out as a film trilogy has now expanded to three trilogies, supporting films, TV shows, books, games and general canon lore that, at least in some circles, is disputed and discussed almost as much as the films themselves.

Now, I can’t claim to be a fan from the get-go – how could I at only nineteen? – but I have loved Star Wars for years and was greatly excited by the announcement of a revival. I was so excited to find out just what had happened so long ago in this galaxy far far away, and so many people were. The opening night of The Force Awakens was record-breaking and, at time of writing, still holds a box office record (although the current prediction for Infinity War is looking strong), which I don’t think surprised anyone.

What has surprised some people is the downward spiral which has followed in the wake of what could be considered the biggest film news of the decade. It seems that since The Force Awakens, fans attitude towards the entire franchise has slowly dipped, before reaching a new low with the release of the trailer for Solo (which for those of you wondering is the Han Solo prequel that absolutely nobody asked for). Yes, we were all hyped for a new trilogy.

Yes, we loved The Force Awakens. Yes, we loved Rogue One (best film of the lot of them). But it’s just going too far. The Last Jedi was a mess, albeit fun to watch, and the whole franchise has fallen into the same predictable pattern that the former films have. We’ve seen it a thousand times; powerful Jedi turns up unexpectedly with some weird tie to the dark side and must do battle with very little training or experience. It’s predictable, it’s old, it’s boring, and Disney need to stop flogging the dead horse and end this while they still have a willing audience.


  1. Cool article and interesting opinion, but I disagree! Last Jedi wasn’t as well received, but as always the negativity got the most attention. It split star wars fans, but pleased ordinary film goers. It still holds a 7.3 on IMDb, and had acclaim from critics (91% Rotten tomatoes). I think the <50% audience score on RT more reflects the protest of SW fans feeling their characters were desecrated rather than it being a poor film. I personally didn't think it was a mess. I'm surprised LJ is so disliked; Attack of the Clones is catastrophic in comparison. Rogue 1 and Force awakens as you say were both great. I'd say ending a franchise because of one audience dividing film isn't that fair, nor would it be sensible from a trailer for a film we haven't even seen yet. You never know, maybe Solo will be great.

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