All I brought today was my breath,

And that was enough

To uncover Your centuries.

Housed in sand I found You,

An archaeology of secrets

Buried under brushstrokes in dust

For a lost lucky dungeon crawler.

Attentively I tented Your skull in my palms,

Closing a jaw locked in a bored yawn

Or a scream,

Calling at the bones of your family

To find you again.

Your spectacles harboured crumbled civilizations.

Over your teeth ran the forgotten streams of


And the blacks of your mind drowned Atlantis

In a mausoleum of decay.

Yet I was the one fossilised.

I unified You with Your ornate corridor

Of time, back in the rested spray.

When Your skull sank back to history

And I entombed You in my own

We became the desert.

No museum is enough,

No glass could contain,

No sockets or pockets could be filled

With the megalithic monument of You.

I let the sandstorms shrine you

And instead treasured the world.

It is all that came closest to You.

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