Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance has launched a University Triathlon scholarship to support a UK student through the 2018 triathlon season. The company is looking for a student who is passionate and proactive about getting more participants into the sport.

They say their ideal candidate is an “athlete who isn’t just getting up for 6am training on their own, but taking their housemates with them.”

Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance provides bicycle and cycle travel insurance to cover UK residents worldwide in case of accidents.

Recent research from the Triathlon Industries Association revealed there was a drop in triathlon participation at university. This scholarship aims to encourage more students to continue as well as take up the sport.

An expert panel of judges will examine candidates on what drives them, what makes triathlon their passion and how they would attract more people into the sport. They will also look at how candidates could help more people find their passion in triathlon.

The scholarship is endorsed by the industry body, British Triathlon, and will include an enviable package of support for the 2018 triathlon season from a variety of British Triathlon partners. It will include an annual Yellow Jersey Bicycle Insurance policy, an annual Yellow Jersey Travel Insurance policy, £1000 to spend on the 2018 triathlon season, as well as other benefits.

Emily Conrad-Pickles, Head of Marketing at Yellow Jersey Insurance commented: “We want to get as many students across the UK to get into triathlon.

Triathlon offers a fantastic all round work out with your training split between swim, run, bike and core strength but the sport also has all the mental benefits of exercise.

“Although triathlons are, in general, individual participation races, the team spirit and camaraderie of training with a group not only makes exercise fun, it also makes triathlon a very social sport and a great way to make new friends. We are keen to get as many students as possible engaging with triathlon while they are at university.”

Entries for the scholarship close on 24 November. The winner will be announced on 8 January 2018. Any UK student is eligible to enter via the Yellow Jersey University Triathlon Webpage or through participating University Athletic Unions.