Two UEA students have told Concrete how their laptops were stolen from the same library floor, in the same week.

Lucy Upot, a second year History of Art student, said that her laptop was stolen on floor 01 on Saturday 6 May.

She said: “I was revising for an exam I had the next Monday. I left my laptop and the rest of my stuff on my desk when I went to the toilet for a maximum of five minutes and when I came back the laptop was gone. I asked the people sitting nearby if they had seen anything but I was on the other side of those concrete wall divider things and they hadn’t.”

Miss Upot added that she asked campus security to check the CCTV but they “couldn’t see anything” near her desk as the CCTV didn’t cover the area where she had been working.

When asked whether she felt the level of CCTV in the library was adequate, Miss Upot said she felt adding more CCTV to floor 01 was “probably the best way to stop this sort of thing happening.”

Cara Wt, a first year English Literature and Creative Writing student, had her silver MacBook Pro stolen from the same library floor on Sunday 14 May.

She told Concrete that she had been working in the silent reading room until leaving and that the security at reception said “there was no CCTV in that bit of the library.”

Heather Wells, Head of User Services, said: “CCTV cameras are present throughout the Library. Due to the position and height of the book stacks, it is not always possible for cameras on the reading floors to provide complete coverage.

“We are sorry that these incidents have happened and Library staff are keen to provide support to students in such circumstances. We liaise very closely with Security to report any incidents swiftly and provide as much information as possible to help any subsequent investigation.

“Whilst CCTV does act as a deterrent, it is important to reiterate that library users are ultimately responsible for their own property and should never leave valuables unattended. The exam period is a particularly busy time in the Library and we have been using social media and posters to try and encourage students to keep their valuables with them at all times.”