The father of Rebecca McManus, a UEA student who died after being hit by a speeding car, has created a petition calling for those convicted of causing death by dangerous driving to face lifetime disqualification.

In May 2014, Rebecca was hit by a drunk driver as she waited for a bus in Birmingham with a friend. The driver had been speeding at over 100pmh in a race with another car. Rebecca had just completed her studies in English Literature and Creative Writing at UEA.

The driver of the car, Sukvinder Mannan, pleaded guilty to causing the twenty-one year old’s death by dangerous driving. Mr Mannan received a sentence of eight years imprisonment and a ten year driving disqualification. The other driver involved was acquitted of the charges of causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving.

Gerald McManus’s petition describes the two drivers as having “raced over a distance of maybe two miles always at high speed and always putting other road users at risk.”

Mr McManus stated that the driver of the car that killed his daughter “should never get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle again.”

Speaking to local press, Mr McManus said that Mr Mannan would likely be released from prison early owing to his guilty plea. “He will get his freedom,” Mr McManus said. “He will still be able to be a young man, pick up his family and a job if he can, but I do not think he should be able to drive again.”

Mr McManus will need 10,000 signatures for his petition to receive a response from the government. 100,000 signatures are required to be considered for parliamentary debate. Mr McManus’s petition currently has 1,816 signatures.

In late March a volume of Rebecca’s poetry titled ‘A Book of Fragments and Dreams’ was published with the help of Unthank Books, where she had been working as an intern at the time of her death.