Last week’s Go Global launch event, organised by the Union of UEA Students, got off to a successful start.


Wednesday 16 October was World Food Day and, in partnership with the Dean of Students’, UUEAS held a festival in the square, Hive, and LCR. The idea of Go Global is to celebrate the rich mix of cultures and nationalities at UEA, and various societies got involved by showcasing their cultures, selling and giving out food.

Many students also dived into the swing of things by bringing an A4 copy of the flag of the country they are from, or would like to visit, to an interactive human world map in the square.

Also promoted last week was the Go Global Annual Development Fund, which allows students who would like to get involved in this year’s celebrations to organise an event or activity which encourages other students and staff to engage in and celebrate UEA’s culturally diverse community.

Go Global is on-going, and applications to the fund for this year are open until June 2014. Events last year included salsa workshops, international parties, lectures and week-long events like Islamic Awareness week. So far few events have been planned but there will undoubtedly be more soon.

Bintu Foday, the Community and Student Rights officer at the union and the organiser of this year’s Go Global, thanked all those who participated, saying: “I had a great time organising it and I am very pleased we had a good turn-out. The event highlights the diverse nature of our campus and we hope students will take part in the very many events that will be running throughout the year. Most significantly I would like to encourage students to use the Go Global fund to support their cultural events and activities.”