Three UEA graduates are some of the first in the country to receive a lucrative government-sponsored start-up loan for young business pioneers.

Business deal

Unique amongst 2012’s cohort of graduates, James Thomas, who graduated from the UEA in July, along with business partners David Duncan and Seb Atkinson have been awarded a loan under a scheme to help 18-30-year-olds set up businesses.

Their business, Square Social, provides consultation, expertise and project management for firms seeking to use social media as a platform to market their business.

They are currently looking to establish themselves firmly in the eastern region market, where they have already gained clients such as Starbucks and Vodafone, before branching out into the more competitive national and global markets.

Despite situating their business within a cutting-edge, modern and dynamic marketing industry, Mr. Thomas and his partners revealed it had not been easy to achieve funding.

Speaking to the Eastern Daily Press Mr. Thomas said: “There’s always lots of talk in the press about ‘supporting enterprise’ and ‘helping out our young people’ but the harsh reality is that often I’ve found that this is PR without substance.”

Despite this, Mr. Thomas described the loan worth £5000 as “definitely the best loan we have encountered for start-up businesses.” The loan will be used to take on more staff and redesign their website.