A UEA modern history academic is set to be involved in one of the largest humanities and science research projects ever to be undertaken in the UK.

Professor Emma Griffin is only one of two UK historians selected for this initiative. The project aims to investigate public attitudes to the first industrial revolution, beginning in the late eighteenth century, with the hope that knowledge gained can be applied to understand modern-day attitudes towards artificial intelligence and robotics.

Professor Griffin’s academic career has revolved around the British industrial revolution, with a particular focus on the impacts of the revolution on working class people and recreational activities. She has appeared as a historical expert on programmes broadcast on BBC Radio 4, BBC1 and BBC4.

The ‘Living with Machines’ project has received £9.2 million funding from the UKRI’s Strategic Priority Fund. The scheme involves historians and scientists from the Universities of Exeter, East Anglia and Cambridge, Queen Mary University of London, the British Library, and the Alan Turing Institute.

Professor Griffin told UEA that the project is an ‘innovative, interdisciplinary collaboration.’ Her role will involve complex data analysis and she hopes to ‘explain to scientists how historians would like to work with particular records.’

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