Resident Evil 2 remake (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

I feared that after 20 years this remake of the survival horror classic would forget everything that made the original so special, but it pulled through almost flawlessly. I was especially impressed by the fear-factor brought on by Mr X, who went from an easily dispatched threat in the original to an invincible pursuer who will stalk you throughout the entire game, his heavy footsteps echoing from rooms away as they become louder and louder. An essential part of making Resident Evil 2 as tense as it is.

Jude Davis

The Missing: J. J. Macfield and the Island of Memories (Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Coming in with a lot of scepticism about the latest game by surrealist developer SWERY, I was instead met with an excellent platformer that inverts the concept of dying in a game and a plot which hit me on a very personal level. The Missing tells the story of a type of person who, in media, is almost always doomed to an unhappy ending or worse. But in this case they make it through their struggles, and for once it seems they may have a good future ahead of them. The Missing handles a difficult topic in a way I have never seen done so respectfully.

Jude Davis

Night in the Woods

This game was quite frankly weird and I loved it. Threading in such a creative twist really turns this story into an enthralling experience. With fantastically written characters and some really groovy tunes I would highly recommend this game for anyone looking for something a little different.

Joe Pallace

Thimbleweed Park

Yet another great game to come out of a crowd funded campaign, Thimbleweed Park really does feel like a labour of love intended to get people interested in the point and click genre. It really is an all-inclusive package, interesting and witty characters, puzzles that push you at times without feeling too hand-holdy and just enough mystery to keep you wanting to find out just what is going on. Even as a newcomer to this genre I had a great time puzzling my way through and would recommend it to anyone looking for an intriguing mystery, and a gruelling time on hardcore mode if you’re that way inclined.

Joe Pallace


Spider-Man is an underdog studio in both gameplay and story. Peter Parker’s efforts to quell the chaos in New York caused by Wilson Fisk’s arrest only serve to tangle up his two lives as his sense of responsibility is stretched to its last thread. Apart from being one of the best representations of Peter Parker put to screen, the game boasts incredible polish as combat, traversal and even the small details that bring New York to life are fleshed out to create a fluid, versatile environment and playstyle.

Joem Opiña

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