All full-time and part-time staff at the Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) are now paid the living wage of £7.65 per hour.

UUEAS has become an accredited living wage employer, a year after committing to the Fair Campus Campaign, which aimed to reduce pay ratios and introduce the living wage at UEA and nationally. The living wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually, calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK.

Additionally, the UUEAS is now also a member of the Living Wage Foundation and Wagemark Foundation – organisations that advocate income quality and fair standard for companies and organisations. These are achievable, the UUEAS argues, by “rewarding a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay”.

Chris Jarvis, UUEAS Campaigns and Democracy Officer believes that there is more to be done to enhance income equality and standard. He says that: “the step the Union took was great but I don’t think we should be the only organization doing so”. The living wage, he said, should be assured not only for directly employed staff at the UEA, but also UEA’s sub-contracted employees and other workers in Norwich.

The current pay ratio at UEA is still over 15:1, and Jarvis argued that not all students know of their employment rights and benefits of Trade Union membership.

The Union’s “Living Wage and Your Employment Rights” campaign aims to ensure fair working conditions and welcomes all students to participate. For further information, get in touch Chris Jarvis on


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