The Union of UEA Students is reviewing the structure of its officer roles. The restructure could change the way the Union is represented, what it’s priorities are and the way it operates. The restructure is intended to review the efficiency of the current officer roles, and address any changes that need to be made. Alterations could include the introduction of a president, extra sabbatical positions, and the reductions of current roles.

union house officer1

Students will be encouraged to get involved in the consultation, which will take place throughout January and the beginning of February. The referendum will be open to votes between 5 – 7 February, with the results being put into effect in the upcoming Officer elections. As part of the consultation, the current Union Officers will be holding focus groups, with participating students being entered into a prize draw. Focus groups will also be held with Union staff and student staff.

Additionally, there will be a discussion wall where students will be able to voice their opinions and ideas on the restructure, and a general meeting held on 20 January open to any member of the Union and for Union Councillors to contribute their thoughts. The final referendum will then be presented to Union Council on 23 January.

Finance Officer, Joe Levell said, “The Student Officer roles need to really reflect clearly what we do and where we work to improve the lives of UEA students. At the moment, the roles are pretty confusing and leave some gaps. For example, we don’t have a full time Activities Officer or any full time Post-Graduate representation whilst other Unions do.

The review will let us look at how effective we are as a sabbatical team, learn some lessons about what students want and need and then hopefully create a new team which will do the best possible work for our members.”

The consultation will begin with the discussion wall and focus groups on 13 January.