Adapted from a comic book series, when The Walking Dead came out in 2010 it was hailed as one of the most exciting new shows on TV. It showed skill at creating a dystopian world with a grounded sense of reality. Following a group of survivors dealing with a world thrown into chaos where the dead come back to life, we are thrown in at the deep end as we follow Rick Grimes and co while they struggle for survival. However eight seasons in, it should just end now…please.

The problem? The show seems to have run out of zombies. And for a show that centres on them, they’ve been getting very little airtime in recent years. The last couple of seasons have been severely lacking in this respect and I’m just getting bored of the living shooting at one another.

Back in season three we began to focus more on the threat of fellow humans and the way in which this world had desensitised them to violence; however walkers could still be found at the heart of the story. We were introduced to villains, such as the Governor, but he was an extra threat alongside the dead. Halfway through the season we even saw the Governor attack the prison with walkers! So whilst we still had the element of conflict between the deterioration of human morality, the unpredictable and thrilling threat of the living dead was still brought to the forefront. The scariest weapon that could be used was the walkers, because they are presented as an unyielding threat in this new world. The struggle recently is that the action has revolved around shoot outs (as apparently everyone has an endless supply of ammunition), rather than the quest for survival that was paramount within the first few seasons.

Certain deaths at the beginning of season seven shifted the show into a new territory of gruesome, relentless torture. Whilst we have witnessed grueling death scenes in the show before (remember Noah’s death? I still don’t like entering the library through the revolving door), season seven premiered with an extreme assault of the senses. One was a favourite character amongst viewers who had journeyed with him since episode one. I for one, believe he deserved a better death, rather than a cheap shot at extreme violence to shock the viewers.

We seem to have lost sight of any walkers, because we’re so focused on the fight against Negan and the Saviours, and it seems that there has been more shooting in the most recent season than talking. And by the looks of things, it doesn’t seem likely to change soon (again, thank god for all that ammunition they are able to lay their hands on). I just want some old school dead eating the living, for goodness sake!

In fact there appears to be so little walkers that all the women have found the time to relax and shave their armpits (obviously finding an endless supply of razors with all those bullets). At this point the only way ABC could pull me back would be to give me a zombie Shiva – no one is outrunning a tiger, not even a dead one!

Evidently and ironically, The Walking Dead’s viewers are slowly dying out in response to this as well as many other problems with the show. Ratings of the show have been dropping significantly with the season eight opening episode only getting 11.4 million viewers compared to the previous season opener which received a more satisfying 17 million viewers.

The most recent episode only scored a measly 50 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating – literally splitting the audience in the middle.

With a dwindling viewership and the dead deserting us it is finally time for The Walking Dead to end.