Upgrades to the Norwich pedalway scheme, which passes along the Avenues, have been criticised by cyclists who say there is no benefit.

Speaking to the Norwich Evening News, cyclist Laura McKinlay has expressed concern that the most recent upgrades to the southern section of Bluebell Road are not safe.

Ms. McKinlay, who commutes to and from UEA every week, says cyclists and pedestrians are being forced to share narrow sections of the foothpath which borders UEA, and that busier roads along the Avenues have been neglected by the council.

The most recent upgrade to the pedalways cost £431,887 but stops at the junction of South Park Avenue as funding is unable to cover the entirety of Bluebell Road, which runs next to the university.

Ms McKinlay said: “While it is meant to be a shared cycle and footpath it is not as practical as that. Highways said they didn’t have enough money, and they prioritised the bottom bit.

“It is all very well saying cyclists need to go on the road but it does encounter a lot of aggression from drivers,” she added. “It is really difficult and we are all trying to inhabit the same space.”

The secretary of the Norwich Cycling Campaign, Margaret Todd, has said it is “disappointing” that upgrades failed to extend as far as the junction on Bluebell Road.

She said: “it was really unfortunate there wasn’t a link through to the improvements made at the Eaton crossroads, that is a really important route for cyclists.”

However, Ms. Todd said the Norwich Cycling Campaign “welcome the upgrade to the shared path on Bluebell Road because a lot of our members would grumble about how narrow and uneven it was.”

A spokesperson for Transport for Norwich has said: “Current work on Bluebell Road will dramatically improve the quality of cycling facility along this part of the blue pedalway, providing cyclists with the option of using a path that’s separated from traffic on the road.”

Another spokeswoman added that the work on Bluebell Road stops at the South Park Road junction because it is a natural end point for cyclists as it is a well-used exit from the pedalways, although current funding doesn’t allow work to be extended anyway.