This has been yet another tough week for the arts world.  It’s starting to feel like nearly every day a new sexual harassment charge is made against a previously much loved Hollywood actor, or musician. For those of us who truly appreciate the work of these artists, this can be an incredibly disappointing shock.

Good art has the power to transform our lives for the better, and it becomes all too easy to place it’s creators on a pedestal. This makes it all the more troubling when we are forced to confront the fact that these artists are perhaps not the people we thought they were.

Challenging times lie ahead for the world of arts and culture as we are forced to re-evaluate what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t, and what impact an individual’s behaviour and actions has on their right to continue making art. It is a debate that all art lovers should make their voices heard in.

But despite these set-backs, the art world continues to thrive.

This has been a particularly exciting week for the UEA Minatour Theatre Company, who had a busy week with their Shorts Festival. Take a lok at page 4 for a blow by blow review of their performances.

Features is back with more great art work illustrating that timeless debate on pages 14 and 15: what’s better, Marvel or DC?

It’s also been a good week for  The Stereophonics, who are back with their tenth heart-felt album Scream Above the Sounds. Check out Venue’s review, on page 17.

Exciting times lie ahead for the arts world, but it has some uncomfortable questions to ask itself too.