Unfortunately, there were no points for UEA in volleyball.

The Men’s volleyball team challenged Essex to a fast-paced, high-intensity game, with UEA holding their own against a rowdy and intimidating crowd. UEA got off to a promising start, gaining an early lead, but after a tense twenty minutes, the score was 19 – 25, with the first set going to Essex.

Two more very close, very tense sets saw both go to Essex, the score being 21-25 and 22-25 respectively.

Concrete caught up with Nick Morris, UEA Men’s Volleyball Captain, after the match. He said it was a “really tough game against Essex today, but the guys got a lot of points in the sets.

“We were only about two or three points behind through the whole way, so we’re really disappointed to come away with a loss but the guys played really well so I’m really impressed.”

The Women’s team were also on great form. After a promising start and a close first set, things sadly started going downhill for the UEA girls. Despite morale being kept up by plenty of UEA chants and barrels of enthusiasm, the point gap began to increase.

In the end, Essex proved the better team, winning three consecutive sets, and the match overall. Both the Men’s and Women’s squads functioned seamlessly in their respective teams, and although Derby Day wasn’t their day, things look promising for the future.