Blogs. Chances are we’ve all heard of them and possibly even own our own blog – whether it be to document our day-to-day ramblings, opinions on latest news or entertainment or indeed just to share something else with the millions of people online (or just your friend who lives down the street). But nothing has risen quite so high in recent years in the blogosphere than fashion and beauty blogs. In this blogs, people share their style tips, showcasing latest trends or simply displaying their outfit of the day (#OOTD).

With easy-to-use platforms like Blogspot and WordPress available to anyone with an internet connection blogging has become a worldwide sensation – especially for budding fashion and beauty writers. It’s true that blogs are a great platform for those wishing to flex their skills in writing, photography or show off their unique style.

But what are some of the best fashion and beauty bloggers and blogs around? This is a difficult question, as there are thousands of blogs that feature individual styles and trends and display wonderful make-up looks that it can seem a little daunting to just highlight a few. Probably one of the more notable ones you may have heard of is Norwich’s own Tanya Burr, who started her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog in 2011 and ever since has become a hit with all types of people, for her cute and succinct reviews of various products, her monthly favourites and her signature styles. Burr’s success on her blog and on YouTube has allowed her to branch out and launch her own cosmetics line, showing the benefits of her blogging.

Another fantastic fashion and beauty blogger that comes to mind is perhaps one of the most successful and widely recognised UK blogger – Susanna Lau – of StyleBubble. One of the first blogs to get started in 2006, and featuring cool little things like ‘Susie Favs’, her blog posts are full of fun and vibrant in both content and photos. Also a quirky and increasingly more well-known blogger is Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg, who started her blog in 2009 and features everything from the latest beauty products to “how-to’s” on certain looks and styles in a friendly and casual manner.

If you’re looking for something a bit different and elegant, Gabi Gregg (of GabiFresh) has probably got you covered. Her personal style blog “aims to show that you can be stylish at any size” and her looks are varied and offer up plenty of inspiration for women of all sizes. The beauty of blogs is that there’s so many out there and some are just waiting to be discovered, so get your keyboard ready and get searching!

It’s not hard to see the benefits of blogging. Aside from offering an outlet for creativity and an opportunity to showcase personal style, they also offer a form of social connection, with people able to connect to those with differing or similar styles, and offer advice and tips on fashion and beauty, as well as writing style. Blogging is an invaluable tool for the up and coming fashion and beauty blogger as it gives you the means to showcase your skills.