Trackers on 300 honeybees reveal they forecast the weather to plan their work day

Copenhagen set to withdraw the city’s £700m investment in  fossil fuels

An expedition has revealed a hidden population of up to 200 lions in a remote part of Ethiopia

By 2050, floods in Europe will cause five times more damage

The NHS will soon be using drones to help chemical, biological and nuclear response teams

Preliminary trial of opioid in tiny doses could lead to the development of the first fast anti-suicide drug

Age-preventing drugs have moved a step closer as scientists extend the lives of mice by 35%

Greenhouse gas emissions in the UK have dropped by 8%

Ship noises and underwater sound pollution may prevent orcas communicating to one another.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn  are visible together for the first time since 2005

A way to warn of an impending earthquake is being developed