Archaeologists have discovered the earliest evidence of warfare between hunter-gatherers in northern Kenya

American astronomers are presenting evidence for a ninth planet far beyond Pluto

The memory capacity of the brain is ten times more than previously believed, in the petabyte range

A new biomarker discovered may identify which stage two colon cancer patients would benefit from adjuvent therapy to prevent recurrence

Scientists in the Netherlands are developing a biopsy robot to help with diagnosis of cancer and muscle diseases

Scientists have found that carbon dioxide concentrations in seawater could reach levels high enough to ‘intoxicate’ fish

2015 smashed global temperature records as the warmest year ever

Algae toxin exposure increases the risk of Alzheimers-like diseases

Russia has proposed the use of a nuclear explosion in the event of an apocalyptic asteroid collision with Earth to knock it off course

Colonies of microbes cause areas of desert to be hotter than their surroundings

Plastics in the oceans will outweigh fish by 2050

Geckos exist at the maximum size for being able to stick to smooth vertical walls