There’s just something about sex scenes in games- they are near-impossible to get right. Whether it’s the uncanny valley lending a hand to turn the most sensuous encounters into a clumsy, unsettling mess, or interactivity feeling just that bit too awkward, it tends to come across as either heavy-handed or hilarious. Here are a couple of the worst offenders.

Fallout: New Vegas

Exclusive to female couriers who opted for the Black Widow perk, the sex scene with Benny is a cut to black with the cheesiest dialogue possible – funny to begin with, but Matthew Perry’s lifeless delivery of his lines elevates the scene to an unintentional comedic masterpiece.


One of the participants is practically a living corpse, and it’s on a dirty mattress in a train carriage in sub-zero temperatures. David Cage’s games tend to shoehorn in sex scenes, but this one takes the cake.

Dragon Age Origins

Despite Bioware managing relatively passable sex scenes in Mass Effect a few years earlier, the animations present in Origins lead to quite a few awkward encounters. There’s something uncanny about the stiff, lifeless way the character models go about their business.

Ride to Hell: Retribution

An unsurprising entry for sure – everything about this game falls under the “awful” category. Sex is not only presented as a bizarre reward for rescuing damsels in distress, but the game’s fully clothed humping is almost too strange to be funny.