UEA’s annual inter-school sports competition, the Ziggurat Challenge, is set to return this week with a fun run taking place at the lake tomorrow afternoon (10 October).

Known simply as the Ziggurat, staff and students are invited to compete for free as a team member for their school. It’s a recreational level programme of tournaments open to all students, staff and alumni at UEA. The programme encourages enjoyable participation whilst also adding an element of sporting competition and friendly rivalry between schools.

Events at the Sportspark are held every Tuesday in both the autumn and spring semesters and include events such as fooball, netball, badminton, climbing and athletics. For a full schedule of events, see the list on the right.

If students or staff wish to get involved, they will need to contact the sports rep for their school, which you can find out by checking the school notice board or the university student notice board in the Sportspark. Sports reps are responsible for organising teams on a weekly basis so if you’re interested in competing, you should let them know right away.

How do schools score points? Firstly, they earn them simply for attending an event, with bonus points added for performance. Head of School participation is considered to be somewhat of a rarity and thus eight points are added to your school’s tally if they turn up to compete, and five if they just spectate.

Every school has two “jokers” at their disposal too and these can be played at any point during the competition. Playing a “joker” will double the Ziggurat points for a particular event, but teams must have 10 or more participants.

There is also a Ziggurat presentation ceremony that will take place in March, with trophies awarded to the winning school, the most sporting member of staff, individual event winners and plenty more. Can the School of Education be toppled after being victorious last year?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by competing for your school throughout the year. Get down to the lake tomorrow for the first event – the fun run!

Ziggurat Challenge: Autumn 2012

Fun Run
10 October

Mixed Indoor Rounders
16 October

Men’s five-a-side football
23 October

Women’s netball
30 October

Table Tennis (Mixed doubles)
6 November

Mixed Volleyball
13 November

Team Challenge
20 November

Mixed Badminton
27 November

Mixed Team Swimming
5 December