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13 games coming to Xbox Game Pass

Hooray Xbox Game Pass subscribers, 13 games are waiting for you to pick up and play! 

The new games include 5 existing games and 8 new releases that were scheduled to launch from the 15th of September. Whether you are looking for an adventurous story or a battlefield, there is something for you. 

These 13 games rolled out between the 15th of September and the 1st of October. The first on the list being Flynn: Son of Crimson, an action and fantasy-packed game that invites players to devour and discover Crimson energy. Its 2D platform game mode mirrors the next coming release of an oldie, Lost Worlds: Beyond the Page

A variety of games became available towards the end of September such as Lemnis Gate, a first-person shooting game that requires combat strategy. Debuting on Xbox for the very first time, the Lemnis Gate game director James Anderson hopes the ‘mix [of] some strategic gameplay with something a bit more pugilistic’ will resonate with players. Moreover, another game called Astria Ascending made its debut on the 30th of September. In the fantastical world of Orcanon, you play as a hero to restore peace. The Xbox Game Pass satisfies both FPS and RPG fans alike. As exciting as it sounds, Phoenix Point wraps up the collection of releases. A thrilling title similar to XCOM, operates with new mechanics and a distinctive manual aiming system. In its futuristic and sci-fi setting, players fight against alien invasions and formulate their own tactics in battle. 

Of course, saying hello to new games meant saying goodbye to old games. The previous releases on Xbox Game Pass including Drake Hollow and Ikenfell announced their exit. On the 31st of September, these games were no longer available to the pass’ subscribers. Drake Hollow initially released in August 2020, is favoured by those who enjoy survival and management games. It can take up to 25 hours to complete its 50 achievements. Likewise, Ikenfell, popular among RPG enthusiasts, requires approximately 20 hours to unlock all its achievements. A review critic, Heidi Nicholas explains the charms of the game, ‘the strength of Ikenfell’s story and characters, the wonderful music, all come together in a wash of cutesy pastels, magic, and a gentle sense of humour’. 

The new additions did bring excitement for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, yet the halt on other great games was a tragic loss.

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