The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

The first of two instalments in The 1975’s Music for Cars double album has been lauded for weeks now, but that won’t stop us from adding our praise to the chorus. The band’s third full-length starts off in the same vein as their others, treating us with a third variant on their opening track, The 1975. But from then on, it’s all out difference. Slick pop production with a heavy electronic focus sees the band blast through a catalogue of songs that ranges from gentle ballads (Be My Mistake) to the outright bizarre (The Man Who Married a Robot/ Love Theme).

It would be easy to write off Matt Healy and co’s latest effort as pseudo-intellectual fluff, but there’s truth and honesty in A Brief Inquiry… which cannot be denied. Even as Siri dictates the story of a porn-addicted man who lives through the internet, there is a beauty and fascination to it. As well as its thematic consistency, there is a musical consistency the band have not previously harnessed. Every song has its place on the album, the more traditional anthems helping to hold together the band’s exploration of the odd.

Conceptually focusing on technology and the terrifying thing that is modern day living, the album may not age well, but, at the time of writing, tackles its themes with a maturity and wit which makes it essential listening. Writing for a grand scale is difficult and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think the band would fail to live up to their goals. It gives me great pleasure to say I was incredibly, unforgivably wrong.


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July 2021
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