20 items you need in your 20s

Christmas Eve, I turned 20, and am here to encourage you guys with 20 items inspired by my new age, what it has already meant and will mean for me. Age 20 marks the year when things are more solidified in your life. I personally know I want an established look that I can easily dress up and dress down, a look that is memorable but simplistic. If you are anything like me, you are going to appreciate the 20 ways you can ensure you are always dressed for the occasion, but you are also honouring the person you have become.

  1. First things first, you need to know what colours suit you, so you can be confident that you’re wearing your clothes, not the other way around. For example, I go for browns, yellows, oranges and golds to match my personality and my look.
  2. You need a signature hair piece or look. I like to tie my hair into a puff using a brown tie. If you’re cheap like me, you can easily use your tights. Simply cut a pair that matches your hair tone to the desired length and then tie a knot. Otherwise, a gelled back look is easy to sustain and looks remarkable.
  3. You need to know what type of accessories you like. For example, I like dangly earrings and bright scarves. Accessories are also a great way to complete an outfit.
  4. Three pairs of shoes; smart, casual, fun. This way you’re ready for a decent amount of occasions. It’ll also make life a bit easier!
  5. Three winter jackets, that can look good dressed up or down.
  6. An investment bag. Splurge a bit and go for a bag you will get plenty of use out of.
  7. An interview outfit. Depending on the pathway university takes you, job interviews may become something arising more often. Having an outfit prepared will ensure you know what makes you feel and look good.
  8. T-shirts with an empowering phrase. Not only are they great to throw on when you might be in a rush, but they’re also a great way to make a statement.
  9. Casual trousers. Something different to wearing the same old jeans every day.
  10. A good selection of skirts. Some for going out and partying to a more casual look.
  11. Fun tights and socks. Black and white socks are practical and all, but it’s always great to mix it up. You could also try sparkly tights or tights that have diamonds on.
  12. Indoor shoes/slippers. Staying comfortable at home is very important, so treat yourself to some new slippers.
  13. Indoor socks, such as fluffy socks to stay warm! There are also thermal socks that come in great patterns.
  14. A daily perfume, cologne or fragrance that can become your signature scent.
  15. An outfit for special events, such as balls or weddings.
  16. A collection of interview blazers.
  17. Three smart outfits for birthday parties.
  18. A daily skin care routine, or at least finding the perfect routine in your 20s.
  19. Lip gloss or balm to keep yourself feeling and looking fresh.
  20. A weekend bag.

Whichever way you decide to rock your 20s, ensure you are confident that the clothes you wear represent you.


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April 2021
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