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2013-14’s top telly

The last year in television has brought some truly brilliant (and, er, less brilliant) programming to our screens. With the Editorial year almost over (sob), some of the Concrete Editors and writers tell us what made their top telly list of the last year.


Anna Walker
Death Comes to Pemberley. A clever and engaging P D James drama giving a thrilling twist to Jane Austen’s Pride and characters seemed like caricatures by the Prejudice. It was brilliantly acted beautifully shot, making it the best BBC period drama in a long time.

Melissa Haggar
Sherlock and Game of Thrones has to be on that list! The various re-enactments and the drama in the first episode of Sherlock series 3 were hilarious! Plus who doesn’t love Game of Thrones?! The landscapes and storylines make for addictive watching!

Niyonu Burke
Scandal was amazing, but by the end, it was all a bit overdramatic and all the characters seemed like caricatures by the finale, though still compelling.

The Good Wife has been a long-standing favourite of mine, probably because it’s one of the few shows with a strong female lead who is imperfect as any good protagonist should be but without being a stereotype.

Lara Ellice
It has to be American Horror Story: Coven! It got more amazing every week, and when Stevie Nicks featured I just couldn’t cope!


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