Month: December, 2020

Creative Writing

Variations XI & XII

As will be seen, the fog Has faded. The high street Shunned it, chased It from its lofty perch High above the tarts in Cages who jeer below. You really aren’t understanding me. As your eyes accustom to The changing times, internet Sleuths will stalk you: the weakest Spot in the ordinary array of forces….

Creative Writing

Storm Clouds

The darkness Before the coming rain Covers the room, and Enlarges the shadows. Your hatred of me Takes me under its dark wings: A cocoon, a shelter that Hides and chides, slowly becoming My view of myself. When I left, You told me that the rain was coming, And I didn’t believe you when You…

Creative Writing

“Home in the North”

Content Warning- homophobia, violence, domestic abuse, strong language FADE IN: EXT. A RESIDENTIAL STREET IN MANCHESTER – LATE AFTERNOON Jack is walking down the street wearing his scruffy school uniform with a navy backpack hanging off one shoulder. He is paying no attention to where he is walking – he doesn’t need to; he walks…

Creative Writing


Content Warning- strong language, violence, mild sexual themes The lights come up on a bathroom. Maddie and Alex are sat in the bath opposite each other, Dan is sat on the toilet (but not using it) and Anna is pacing around the small amount of floor space, occasionally re-arranging the floor mat – each time…

Creative Writing

My Brew Today

If all myself and every side could brew like coffee in a cup on a dry dreary death bent silent room then mine brews over there where spillages show teardrops of Monday, fading yet true.  The wind, a choice, glides in strides of striking size where smoke and steam are friends, a sight where smells…

Creative Writing

The Final Twist

arriving soon. It bends before,  narrows near ends, dreams  suspend from rooftops where  sparrows gleam as nature’s friends.  there, it broods, alludes to  dreams where paths are drawn  as alleyways, arrow straight and stiff  as arms that flail. Exhale. feel air  where lanes bend and narrow near ends,  the time to make amends. 

Creative Writing

Tell Your Therapist This

so it’s that time again:  weeknight kale in   wok pan,  low level heat,   the norm.  playlist shuffles.  plays unknown  artist, this  gorgeous  rendition in corner                                         of each iris.  paints picture  of storm          from a  palette                 inviting sensations,  creating palpitations  in heart  overloading.  it’s a brush- stroke on my  chin hairs,  where they once stood.  I…


How much does the author matter?

(Content Warning: mentions of transphobia, anti-Semitism, and racism) Unless you have somehow managed to stay offline for the past three years, you have probably heard at least some of the controversy surrounding Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. Since first being accused of transphobia in 2018 for liking a tweet that described trans women as “men…

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