2020’s Best of TV

‘The Goes Wrong Show’

Matthew Stothard

A multilingual WWII codebreaker played by an actress who can only speak English, a deer who misses his cue and a whole set rotated by ninety degrees. If that all sounds weird and random, it’s because it is, but it is pulled off brilliantly by Mischief Theatre, the creators and cast of the hilarious ‘The Goes Wrong Show’ which aired in January this year.

The premise is a simple one: an incompetent cast perform a normally already sub-par play incompetently. This may not sound like a recipe for success, but the creativity behind the devised mistakes leads to half an hour of unbridled silliness. Its sometimes-cheesy jokes are certainly not hard-hitting and profound, but then that’s what makes it stand up so well in a year when so much has been gloomy. For the sheer joy of it, ‘The Goes Wrong Show’ is the best show of 2020.

‘Better Call Saul’ Season 5

Jude Davies

The penultimate season sees Jimmy McGill finally take on his titular name of Saul Goodman. Shifting from a criminal lawyer to a criminal lawyer, his life intertwines closely with the Cartel’s dangerous businesses. The contrasting environments and stories, whether with Saul in the courtroom or Mike in the Mexican countryside, are balanced perfectly. Characters both old and new feel as well-developed as each other, even if Howard has become something of a punching bag. Scenes with Kim and Nacho are made especially tense by the foreknowledge that something will lead to their absence in ‘Breaking Bad’.

The stealer of the show, however, is Lalo Salamanca. Despite being from a family which includes a drug lord, two silent assassins and a permanently methed-up psychopath, Lalo manages to bring more intimidation to a situation with little more than a jovial ‘hey guys!’. He makes a refreshing addition to an already strong series.


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