2021 travel hotspot predictions

With many holidays put on hold for this summer, many people are getting through by planning next year’s holiday instead! But with so my places to choose from, where will be the priority, and what have holiday lovers missed the most? 


Bali is such a popular holiday destination due to its beautiful aesthetic. We’ve all seen the bloggers on Instagram posting insanely perfect pictures of their Bali vacation and wished it was us. Bali may be appealing, but it comes at a bigger price tag than most traditional holiday destinations, after all, if you are going to Bali, you want to go big, right? Maybe the fact people have missed out on a holiday this year gives them more money to put towards a holiday next year. Equally, I know many people who had saved for their dream holiday to Bali, and as soon as they can, they’ll be flying right out there to enjoy that beautiful scenery. 


18-year-olds have been waiting and waiting this last year to get the chance to go to Amsterdam and live out a few days of hedonistic pleasure. The promise of freedom and escapism from everyday life is something I know many of my friends could not wait for, and it was meant to be their celebration holiday after turning 18 and finishing their A-Levels. Amsterdam has such an appeal not only because of its beautiful scenery but because of the endless possibilities it holds in the minds of young people. 


Those lovebirds that have been locked together in isolation have had the perfect chance to let their love grow and blossom this summer. I think we’ll see a lot of romantic proposals next year when the crisis is over. What better place to do it than at the top of the Eiffel Tower? 


Party loving young people are dreaming of the days they can go back to cheap booze, dancing with strangers in foreign nightclubs, and soaking in some sun. When the crisis eases, we’ll see tons of trips being booked to this incredibly popular holiday destination. 

Canary Islands 

Our grandparents and older friends adore the Canary Islands. Slapping on that factor 5 oil and getting a tan to beat all other tans, socialising with other older people and sipping cocktails by the pool. Though they could use a little more sunscreen, I totally see the appeal. I can’t wait to be sipping cocktails by a pool either.


I know people that solely exist for Disneyland, and I can’t even imagine how busy it will be as soon as it is safe to travel again! Disneyland is a place for magic and joy, something we’ve all been missing out on so far this year, and many families and Disney lovers will be eager to go back out and enjoy It’s a small world once more, and who can blame them? 

These are just my top guesses as to where I think we’ll see many people flock to as soon as they can, but I think we’ll see a massive boost in all holiday destinations. For now, stay safe and keep dreaming of when you can break out those tropical prints and eat lays by the pool next year. 

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