25 scenes that made cinema today

1993 – Schindlers List

In a film that was full of horrific moments, nothing stood out more than the shot of the little girl in the red coat, symbolising that war affects us all.

1994 – Pulp Fiction 

No film speech will ever compare with the biblical vengeance of Jules (Sam L. Jackson) in this Tarantino classic.

1995 – Braveheart

The powerful ‘they may take our lives’ speech and furious battle cries will forever cement this battle scene as one of the most epic in cinematic history.

1996 – Trainspotting

Trainspotting was a film that told us what life really was behind our sugar-coated ideologies and the ‘choose life’ scene showed us how.

1997 – Titanic

Titanic showcased one of the most iconic film scenes of all time and became an instant classic because of it.

1998 – Saving Private Ryan

Filled with blood, death and the screeching of bullets, this is one of the most brutal and fast-paced film openings and captures the brutal realism of war.

1999 – American Beauty

There can never be a more iconic image in cinematic history than the girl in roses from American Beauty.

2000 – Gladiator

Gladiator had it all: action, romance and adventure. I think it’s safe to say we were thoroughly entertained.

2001 – Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

No scene ever taught us companionship in such a tearful way like the beginning of the Fellowship’s journey at Rivendell.

2002 – 28 Days Later

Opening with the infamous scene of empty London, this film turned the tables on the horror-zombie genre for years to come.

2003 – Love Actually

The Christmas classic has got far too many heart-warming scenes, but the queen of them has to be Mark’s silent declaration of love for Juliet.

2004 – Mean Girls

In a film filled with memorable quotes and memes, Mean Girls showcases the best and the worst of teenage girls in high school.

2005 – Brokeback Mountain

One of the most emotional endings of all time has to be when Ennis (Heath Ledger) breaks down over the memories encased in Jack’s shirts.

2006 – Pan’s Labyrinth

The escapades of a young girl climax in this terrifying scene of a blind monster with eyes in his hands.

2007 – Juno

A gorgeous moment in teen cinema: Juno and Paulie’s melodious final send off is absolutely heartwarming.

2008 – The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger’s Joker will be remembered as the character’s most iconic depiction and has set the benchmark for the future.

2009 – Avatar

Avatar may not have been one of the first amazing sci-fi films but it was certainly central in the creation of the vast cinematic worlds we see today.

2010 – Black Swan

Explosive in its constant conflict of the beautiful and the grotesque, the scene where Portman removes a feather from her skin is one of many excruciating moments.

2011 – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 

The Harry Potter franchise was a global phenomenon, so when it all came to an end in 2011 it was the end of an era.

2012 – Skyfall

MGM and Sony went big for Bond’s 50th Anniversary by creating the biggest cinematic explosion to date – until Spectre’s release 2 years later.

2013 – Frozen

The highest grossing animated Disney film of all time Frozen is still just as popular now as it was up release – as is its classic anthem, ‘Let It Go’

2014 – Birdman

While its technical achievement is unique throughout the whole film, Michael Keaton in his underwear in Times Square will never be forgotten.

2015 – The Revenant

The film that finally won DiCaprio an Oscar had the most brutal scenes, but none were worse than the bear attack.

2016 – Deadpool

Deadpool wasn’t the film that defined the superhero genre, but it did change the way in which audiences and studios perceived them.

2017 – Moonlight

The swimming lesson scene in this stunning film has, without a doubt, earned its place in cinematic history of iconic moments.


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