At the start of every year we ritualistically make promises to ourselves, usually little things to make us ‘better human beings’. Personally, my New Year’s resolution every year is to stop biting my nails, but within the first few weeks (days) of January my nails have been gnawed back down.
New year’s resolutions are always in this same style; some of the top ten resolutions according to twitter were: “work out”, “be happy”, “lose weight”, and “love myself”. These vague, mundane promises are such a boring way to start your year. This year I want to spice up your resolutions, so here are some amazing and bizarre New Year’s resolutions. Let’s start the year with a sense of adventure and not with depressed obligations you know you will break.

Become a mermaid
Take a trip to Sirenas Mediterranean Academy in Tarragona, Spain, where anyone can become a mythical sea creature. It’s a fantasy many have had since Daryl Hannah sexily stepped onto Liberty Island and this year you could resolve to leave your legs behind and learn how to be a proper mermaid, tail and all. Becoming part of that world is now easy for anyone of any age or gender.

Prepare for the zombie apocalypse
Many holiday companies offer courses and experiences based around getting you ready for the dawn of the dead. Fight the spread of a new zombie virus or take a combat course to teach you to fight the zombies and test if you would survive WWZ. This year could be the year the zombie finally limps out of fiction and onto our streets, so why not prepare yourself now?

Win a worm charming competition
That is correct, the Cheshire town of Willaston has held the annual Worm Charming competition since 1980. Governed by the International Federation of Charming Worms and Allied Pastimes, competitors can only ‘charm’ the worms from the ground through music and vibrations, not by digging them up. Costing just a pound to enter, why not join this bizarre competition? You may discover a new talent.

Take part in the world’s biggest food fight
New Year’s resolutions should be brag worthy and participating in La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain, is an event you’ll never forget. Held at the end of August, La Tomatina is part of the festival of Buñol and involves a crowded square being showered with tomatoes. Messy and manic this event will be a highlight of your year.

Contribute to a museum – and help heal from a bad relationship
Of course only put this on your list of resolutions if it applies to you, but the Croatian Museum of Broken Relationships could help you start afresh this New Year. A museum dedicated to failed relationships and how to recover positively from them, it’s a heart-warming and fascinating project.

Become a wizard
If you’re a Harry Potter fan you can now take your fantasising to the next level and attend Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Poland. Travel to the incredible castle and study to become an Auror, Curse Breaker, Healer, Magizoologist or The Unspeakables. Students are sorted into houses, attend classes, eat in a great hall and are provided with robes.

Have a blind meal
Take a trip to Dans Le Noir? a restaurant in London where food is served in complete darkness and where all the waiters are blind. Embark on a “sensory journey helping us to re-evaluate our perception of taste and smell” and choose from a surprise menu of either seafood, meat, vegetarian or the chief’s choice. Not only will you come away with a better understanding of the blind but with a new appreciation for food.

Travel back in time
Perhaps dressing up and role play have become more popular recently, but re-enactment societies appear not to have benefited, despite being in need of young, new talent. Norwich has its own re-enactment society specialising in the 14th Century Edwardian campaign against the French. This could be an odd new hobby for the New Year.

See your face on the big screen
If this year you want to challenge yourself and perhaps gain a little bit of stardust, why not sign up to Uni-versalEXTRAS. You could mingle in the crowd while famous actors sip coffee or walk down a street. New Year’s resolutions should be fun and exciting and acting in a proper movie probably tops the bill.