30 UEA students affected by Trump travel ban

30 UEA students have been affected by Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, according to the University. The Study Abroad Office have said that they are communicating with students affected by the changes in US immigration policy to ensure that students are aware “we are here for support and guidance”.

Last Friday President Donald Trump signed an executive order suspending immigration from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days. This also includes citizens with dual nationality (such as British-Iranian citizens).

Currently there are 30 students from these affected countries studying at UEA. The university’s Study Abroad Office has stressed that these students looking to study abroad for a year or a semester can still do so at “destinations outside the US which meet their degree criteria, including in Canada and Latin America.”

Trump’s order also includes a 120-day suspension of the US Refugee Admissions Programme and an indefinite ban on refugees from Syria.

There has been a great deal of ambiguity regarding exemptions, with an initial lack of clarity as to whether the travel ban would still apply to those sharing dual nationality with US allies, such as the UK. It has since been confirmed that UK citizens who share dual nationality with any of the aforementioned countries will not be exempt from the 90-day ban.

The US has exempted people with certain visa categories, including diplomats and representatives from the United Nations, and said that exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Responding directly to the uncertainty of the Trump ban, the university’s Study Abroad Office have said it has “reached out to all study abroad students who are either currently studying abroad at UEA from the US or to those currently studying in the US.”

They added, “We will respond to any specific queries individually depending on the nature of the query, referring students to their home institution and Student Support Services as appropriate.”

Reiterating the statement made by UEA’s Vice Chancellor David Richardson in which he stated that the university would “continue to support our diverse family of nations at UEA,” the Study Abroad Office have said “UEA continues to welcome students and staff from around the world.”


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