For this issue I wanted everybody to turn the attention of the absurdity of the reality we inhabit (as well as explore the surreal nature of the ones we don’t). Sometimes life can seem very ordinary until you turn to look at it. Upon further examination, we see that not everything is as it seems and that in truth there is little we can depend on never to change. But rather than reject this fact, it is useful to attempt to take comfort in the inevitable and unstoppable flux of nature. In the words of one greater than myself: [su_quote]If at first the idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it.
Albert Einstein[/su_quote]

[su_spoiler title=”10,000 Days of Dying” style=”simple” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Comment”]And on the thousandth day

or it could have been the tenth I’m not
sure for I lost my mind up there
among the dark heavens,
the bliss-bright burning baby of a star
said it wanted to die
and I replied
that birth was a kind of death but that
I couldn’t tell which was which
because all was dark after and before
and that there was no way of knowing
if I am not as old as you.

I have a baby of my own I said
and held futile paper to the glass
knowing it would cinder in my fingers
and scatter ashes to the airs
the precious airs
regenerating for ten years around
the stationary station
making me cough a sound alone
and the sound like bells would
ring for weeks like a doom’s echoes.

Or were we orbiting
I had no clue by then
I was just talking to a child
in the first and last
steps of its sanctity
and the child became
my universe all and all
to ends and beginnings
through tunnels and trials
its mystery hummed to me
sleep in a black heart
burning the ancient burst
blue gold and flash bright flame
turning burning
and always on my mind.

A blue sun spot
an eyeful of lifetimes
carving my retinas till they hurt
with love for the baby,
facing its deranged devil demise
childlike and forever
at once
a full contradiction and
nothing else.

I spoke on the ten thousandth day
and told it to die and my mind up there
with its dark heavens obeyed
and all my spots went blue and I
carved my child a death in the deep
but I had no clue what I was doing
I was just speaking to the son as he
watched me flame
with god watching
agreeing solar flares to my frenzied end
and all I heard the voices say was
craft slow in dark anew.
Annie Bishop[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Let It Be” style=”simple” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Comment”]Is there any virtue in assigning a purpose
To every act in Life’s big circus?
Can we not float from birth to death
Without questioning every breath?

We’ve lost the true sense of the absurd
And ridiculed this ancient word
Which claims life has no explanation,
And so puts an end to our consternation.

To follow happiness in hot pursuit,
In order to pin it under boot,
Why must we yearn for life’s reason,
As if to do so will bring us freedom?

Call me a fool for wanting bliss,
But no one can deny this:
Our time here is a cosmic blink,
So, bartender, fix me another drink.
Rahul Mehta[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Bus. Stop.” style=”simple” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Comment”]Open mouth
A hover tongue
A cover up
And stumble –
Little flap
Feet tap
A Busy
Dizzy Bee.
Rumble- groan
Moan and
Paint another door.
Yellow, green
Red and now
For Sale
Another tap.
Tidy rows
And roses
In a jolly
Black bin bag.
A lovers lump
– New
Chloe Cox[/su_spoiler]
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Julian Canlas[/su_spoiler]