4 Final Pieces 3 Hour Calls 2 Bus Trips Later And a cockroach nest behind the fridge

Hello doting fans, it is I returning in a much better mood than previously. Why so? – I hear you ask. The past week has been Thanksgiving Break here in the US which means students flock home in their masses to be fed turkey and mashed potato, which ultimately left me alone in my four bedroom apartment, no family in sight and feeling quite like Bridget Jones on New Year’s Eve. It did, however, allow me to finish two and a half of my final four research papers all due in the upcoming weeks and watch pretty much all ten series of Friends. All in all, not a bad week looking back. Oh wait…

My housemates are messy. No, not messy. Dirty. Dirty with a capital D and not in a good way. They swept off on their various trips to NYC, New Orleans and Colorado, leaving washing up, rotting food and cartons a kimbo. On my return from class I discovered a large red carton of fruit punch had eroded a hole in its bottom and spilt all over my counter. All down the sides. All over the floor. In order to clean up my soggy kitchen I had to pull the fridge out to get the sides of the counter and, to my horror, discovered a cockroach nest. These ugly little creatures crawl all over my kitchen and some have made it as far as inside the toilet roll package. Quite the bathroom fright.

Once I’d gotten over the horror of the bugs, I spent various hours on the phone with my loved ones, which was, of course, lovely. Special credits to my boyfriend, my mother, my sister and my best friend for all repeating similar mantras of ‘oh dear, it’ll be okay’.

One day I’d decided to navigate the bus system to buy dollar store Christmas decorations – to brighten up the apartment I shared with the bugs… and my roommates (who aren’t all bad). Let me tell you, it was no 25, 26 and sometimes 22. It was like playing snakes and ladders trying to figure out the route. I like to think of myself as rather public transport savvy, but I’d met my match. Two odd buses later the dollar store had been made up and an Uber had been called to the rescue. At least I tried.

That’s all from me, I hope you’re all feeling the Christmas buzz. I believe it is the only time of year where there could actually be a possibility that magic is real. If you haven’t watched Love, Actually yet this year, pop it on, light a candle and good luck with your end of term prep. Go to all the balls, take every opportunity to dress up and enjoy the complimentary alcohol. Save me some mince pies. ‘Tis the season.

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