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Gabriela Williams on Loft’s relaxed vibe

I’m not usually one of those people who go clubbing but even I can see this easy choice. Sure, head to Mantra, hear the same songs, drink the same drinks, see the same lonely singles looking for a partner and pretend to enjoy yourself.

Or, head to Loft and meet new and interesting people from many different walks of life- including that bloke who seems to always walk around in a cape? Loft 1-0 Mantra.

Next to Mantra’s creepy selection of men and factory produced women, Loft is the much preferred alternative.

The atmosphere in Loft, whilst only being slightly classier than Mantra, is vibrant and everyone seems to be having fun, getting drunk or both! Thereís also the added bonus of watching people try to wail songs on karaoke nights, or having fun embarrassing themselves trying to warble along to Celine Dion. Oh, and if there was still an doubt, Loft has a plane.


Ellie Gallacher on Mantra’s consistency

Here’s how this works- your Thursday night will start with someone thinking it’s a good idea to pipe up and say “oh lets go Loft instead.” They’re lying. You won’t. You’ll stand there in the queue for 6 hours and then go home. You’ll brave the gale force winds, the monsoon of rain that seems to open each night at midnight, but then someone at the back of the queue will start belting out Don’t Stop Believing, and youu’re out.

Don’t do this. Go Mantra, stand in the heated queue, actually have a good time. Stand in a smoking area that isnít protected by a larger than average tent, splash out, dress up and go to Mantra’s VIP area, buy a wristband and enjoy the night with some cheaper drinks. There’s your choice, good music, a good time, and good people, or trying to survive Loft’s royal rumble of a queue for the night.



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