50 things to do before you leave UEA

Whether you’re just starting or this is your last year being part of the beloved UEA, here’s a compiled list of things we thought you shouldn’t miss.

1. Visit the theatre royal/playhouse
2. Make friends with the LCR bouncers
3. Make your own alcohol: note that flavoured vodka counts (go get the skittles!)
4. Feed the campus wildlife. Bonus points if you can befriend a specific duck/squirrel/rabbit.
5. Watch a film at Cinema City
6. Go on Norwich’s ghost walk
7. Go on tour with a sports club or society
8. Do at least one Pimp My Barrow event
9. Go to both malls (Chapelfield and Castle Mall)
10. Stay up until the sun comes up
11. Get involved with Derby Day
12. Make an amazing fancy dress outfit
13. Watch TV for 24 solid hours, with breaks only for food and to go to the loo
14. Make the most of the student resources: mentor, careers, student discounts
15. Explore Norfolk: check out the beaches and the famous Norfolk Broads!
16. Go to some of the big clubs – The Waterfront, Mantra, Hideout, Gonzo’s, Karma Kafe
17. Visit the castle and the cathedral
18. Have breakfast (or anything) at the Waffle House
19. Get a haircut at the Crop Shop
20. Buy some food in the market
21. Get lost there!
22. Do something crazy for charity
23. Get involved in a protest or march
24. Go to a live music gig at the LCR
25. “Borrow” something random: traffic cones, trolleys and life-sized cardboard cutouts are all contenders
26. See some comedy
27. Build a den using all of your housemate’s bedding
28. Do the walk stride of pride
29. Survive a ‘Crate Escape’: get you and your mates in one room, no phones or internet and the only way out is blocked by a stack of beer, cider, whatever. No one can leave until you’ve made it though the last bottle!
30. Host a study group (can be coupled with number 29, though be warned, may affect quality of conversation)
31. Go to your lecture or seminar in something hilarious: last night’s fancy dress, your PJ’s or your animal onesie will do.
32. Organise or take part in a flash mob: dancing, singing, water fight, you name it!
33. Try something new: societies, sports – now’s our chance!
34. Complete some of, if not all of the Five L’s (get freaky in all of these places: Library, Lake, Laundrette, Lecture Theatre and LCR)
35. Prank a flatmate/housemate
36. Go to a society event
37. Learn the art of cheese on toast
38. Write for Concrete
39. Do something incredible or incredibly stupid so that you end up in Concrete
40. Kiss someone who is of a gender you’ve never kissed before
41. Host a dinner party – if possible go Come Dine With Me style!
42. Be the first one on the LCR dance floor
43. Be the last one on the dance floor (last one standing!)
44. Learn to cook: if possible, something as good as mum makes it
45. Fall asleep in the library/in lectures/ in seminars (if you can get away with it!)
46. Drink a dirty pint
47. Dress up as a member of the opposite sex.
48. Host a house party.
49. Sit in on a class that’s not in your field
50. Graduate! That’s the plan, anyway!


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