7 great raunchy films

The Graduate

“The graduate begins with, a young Dustin Hoffman being seduced by an older woman and ends with him falling in love with the older woman’s daughter. It features a haunting soundtrack by Simon and Garfunkel, and some pretty steamy scenes. Released in 1967, modern viewers will likely view the film differently to contemporary viewers; nevertheless, it is definitely worth a watch this Valentine’s Day.” – Kate Romain

Top Gun

“The most memorable thing about this 80s classic is its volleyball montage featuring an array of oiled torsos and the homoerotic tension between Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. As one Amazon reviewer puts it, “I’m not sure who took the sex scenes out of this gay porn movie but they didn’t do it any favours”…” – Dan Struthers

I’m So Excited!

“What to do when your plane can’t land? Drug the passengers with mescaline and then fuck like there’s no tomorrow! This bizarre Spanish film features a trio of flamboyant, tequila-addled flight attendants, an ageing dominatrix, and a woman in her thirties losing her virginity to an unconscious stranger. Weird but fun.” – Liam Heitman-Rice


“Steve McQueen is a director not afraid of showing the explicit, and in his second film, Shame, he depicts multiple graphic sex scenes. In a refreshing change, he lets the audience see as much male nudity as female nudity, with Michael Fassbender getting to show off more than just his acting skills.” – Tom Hall


“Park Chan-Wook’s neo-noir thriller, Oldboy, is a masterful exercise in intrigue, deception, and Asian ultraviolence. Yet at its core is a raunchy sex scene that is integral to the film’s revelatory twist. A lot of films are needlessly raunchy, but in Oldboy, it is skilfully earned.” – Oscar D. Huckle

American Pie

“In between gags about premature ejaculation and wanking into socks, the original American Pie movie brings us the rather mature message that actually, sex isn’t everything – positive relationships matter too. The film’s sense of humour isn’t quite as mature, but its adolescent cringiness is what makes us love it.” – Ed Brown

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

“James Bond and raunchiness go hand-in-hand. In George Lazenby’s only depiction of the womanising spy, Bond sleeps his way through the “Angels of Death”, engages in a classic ski chase, and marries a countess. It’s a raunchy film that symbolises the free-love attitudes of the time.” – Tom Bedford


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