9 iconic moments in cinema

2001: A Space Odyssey

“Many people consider Jurassic Park to be the film that influenced the special effects in movies we see today. However, I believe 2001: A Space Odyssey did this many years beforehand. The opening scene in space scored to Johan Strauss’ ‘The Blue Danube’ is truly breathtaking to behold; a timeless classic.” – James Mortishire

No Country for Old Men

“The coin toss sequence in the Coen Brothers magnum opus is utterly iconic in a scene of psychological torment from Javier Bardem’s sinister hitman, to an unsuspecting shopkeeper. It’s a truly nail-biting moment and the first time Bardem leaves someone’s life up to pure chance – normally, victims are shot with no questions asked!” – Oscar D. Huckle

Thelma & Louise

““Let’s just keep going”, says Thelma to Louise, as they sit in Louise’s blue convertible on the edge of the Grand Canyon, surrounded by police offcers and helicopters. The film follows their journey from dissatisfied housewives to wanted criminals, and ends with one of the most iconic scenes of all time: the two of them driving straight into the Canyon together.” – Kate Romain


“Of all the moments in all the movies… for Casablanca’s iconic essence just listen to the first wistful notes of its theme ‘As Time Goes By’. It ushers in the bittersweet reunion between Bergman and Bogey’s timeless lovers. The very definition of silver screen romance. Play it (again) Sam, please.” – Nina Duncan

The Terminator

“The most referenced scene of the classic sci-film, even by its own sequels. The terminator attempts to enter a police station to kill the main character. Initially surprising and terrifying, it uses our intrinsic understanding of how editing implies storyline to comfort, question and then shock. A masterpiece of its time and now.” – Elvyn Forsyth-Muris

A Trip To The Moon

“Perhaps the most well-known image in cinematic history, the moment where a rocket launchs itself into a moon (fit with endearingly blatant practical effects) gave filmmaking the blast-off it needed to evolve to the lofty heights it finds itself in today. It may look cheesy now, but it was once revolutionary.” – Gus Edgar

Pulp Fiction

““And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee”. These lines, followed by poor Brett getting shot to pieces, put the capper on Pulp Fiction’s most memorable scene, one entirely dominated by Samuel L Jackson’s barnstorming performance as Jules Winnfield.” – Tom Hall

Good Will Hunting

“The park bench scene in Good Will Hunting is iconic. It undoubtedly won Robin Williams the Oscar for Best Actor and Matt Damon and Ben Affeck the Oscar for Best Screenplay. This treasured piece of cinema breaks your heart and affirms your reasons for living. “Your move, Chief.”” – Alex Caesari

The Princess Bride

“Whilst the Princess Bride is ultimately a comedy, the director (Reiner) still manages to incite a rising level of tension due to the incredible choreography and swordsmanship of the Man-in-Black and Inigo. It’s not only a battle of strength, but more so, a timeless, incredibly amusing and powerful battle of wit.” – Eva Wakeford


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