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Liveblog: General Election 2019 results

Welcome to Concrete's live coverage of the 2019 General Election. Follow live updates from the 9pm until the final result!

Student stabbed by The Avenues

Police officers were called to Bluebell Road at approximately 3am today after receiving reports that a man had been stabbed.

Forgotten women in science

As a part of Norwich Science Festival, scientist Emma Markham gave a talk with the aim of recognising the contributions of female...

The science of small things

Let’s do some word association. I say ‘nano’ and you respond with the first three images that come to mind.

Neuroplasticity – ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, James Piercy wanted to find out how his brain really worked. Would he recover from his...

‘A Journey South’ – Norwich science festival review

Two-time BAFTA Award winner Chris Watson presented ‘A Journey South’ at the Forum on Monday 21st of October. Watson has previously worked...