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A Circus Carol

There is no better way to spend an evening than being thrilled by talented performers and left in awe and on the edge of your seat. A Circus Carol is a must-see show, ambitious, thrilling, and dynamic.

Photo: Property of Norwich Theatre Royal

The main story told the narrative of Dickins ‘A Chrismas Carol’ including the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, and also explored Scrooge’s redemption arc. However, the show was far from the traditional story and added in unique and exciting elements in the form of acrobatics from the ‘Lost in Translation’ circus.

70 minutes of fantastic performance from juggling, swinging and human towers made for a wonderful viewing and had audience members gasping in delight and anticipation. You could see the immense effort in every movement, and one of the most interesting parts was seeing how well the cast communicated with each other. Before big lifts and difficult moves, there was always communication to ensure each move was made safely and professionally. The performance was amazing and so varied in terms of each different special move. One of the most effective was the hula hoop tricks which was so clever and so well choreographed. Young and old enjoyed the hoop magic and could admire the skill gone into the move.

Company co-director and performer Massimiliano Rossetti was a stand out performer. Strong and stable, he was the unit that held the entire team together. He made holding two people on his shoulders look easy, and his strength was truly incredible. I loved the way he carried the performance and enabled such dynamic moves. Annabel Carberry, company co-director and fellow performer Roisin Morris also stood out due to their on-stage character and big personalities. They lit up the stage with their enthusiasm and effortless performance. I was truly dazzled by the talent of these ladies, and could hardly take my eyes off them.

The other cast members, Natasha Rushbrooke, Matthew Green and Sara Berni, added an element of youth and innocence to the performance, playing young and active characters. Lawrence Swaddle, who acted as Scrooge, played the part fantastically, a relatable and amusing performance.

The show was clever and incredibly well executed. Every single move either had the audience biting their nails, our clapping and cheering. The performance was fantastic, and every audience member was walking out with one word on their lips, ‘wow.’


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