I am looking out of the office window into the Square where people are relaxing and having their lunch in the sun, after what feels like three months of solid rain. I might be being a little optimistic, but it’s starting to feel a lot like SUMMER! (not really, but it’s definitely starting to feel more like spring). To celebrate, Tom and I have dusted off some of our sunniest pictures for this editorial.

And our editors are in the mood for the sunshine too. I was particularly excited to see a roundup of 2018’s UK music festivals. Just a warning: after reading our music section this week I was inspired to spend a good chunk of this semester’s student loan on festival tickets. As a result, I lived on beans this last week – but I have no regrets.

When I wasn’t eating beans on toast or spending too much money, I also very much enjoyed watching Stephen Fry discuss his latest book as part of the UEA literary festival. As ever, Fry had a lot to say, and all of it was eloquent and thought-provoking. Television editor Dan enjoyed the night too, and you can see his write-up of the event on page 6.

I was also excited to have a chat with son of Cilla Black and producer of Cilla: The Musical, Robert Willis. I grew up watching Blind Date and really enjoyed the ITV drama Cilla (also produced by Robert, and definitely worth a watch), so I was excited to speak to someone who knew her so well. Robert had lots to say about the influential nature of his mum’s career, and the highs and lows of creating a musical; make sure to take a look at the article on pages 14 and 15.

I hope that, as you’re reading this, it’s as sunny as it is now and you’re able to sit out in the Square with your copy of Venue and a nice hot drink from Unio. But if it’s not, and you’re sat in the Hive as you watch rain drip down the window– as is, sadly, more likely – hopefully, this issue of Venue will get you in the mood for sunnier times. Either way, happy reading!