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A Rewatch Of Schitt’s Creek

Although ‘Ew, David’ is the phrase spoken by many fans, Schitt’s Creek is anything but a revolting show. Created by father and son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, the American sitcom focuses on the dynastic Rose family who, having lost their fortune, are forced to relocate to a grotty motel in the town of Schitt’s Creek, a place they once bought purely as a joke.

The titular joke wares off quite quickly after the first episode, but what becomes even funnier is an out of touch family crammed together and forced to endure each others’ company; parents Moira and Johnny trying to connect to their children –  David and Alexis, who are fully grown and in their 30’s – the way parents would to teenagers, met with groans and exclamations of ‘Oh my God!’. 

In the first few episodes, the family plays an awkward game of two truths and a lie, which leads to Johnny finding out Alexis’ eye colour is aqua, and Moira learns her daughter’s middle name is Claire. Another joke is how incongruous the family are to the country setting, dressed in Prada and Dior in their awful motel, beside the townsfolk in plaid and dire clothing. The clothes almost become another character, something to look out for and comment on, and are continually more lavish and over-the-top, however the more you get into the series, the less accosting the clothes become as you get accustomed to the frivolity of the family.

The reason I love Schitt’s Creek so much is because I have never watched a show that has just as many laugh-out-loud moments as it does heartfelt ones. It is wonderful to see not only the Roses bond and become closer as a family, but also their relationships with the townsfolk through their time in Schitt’s Creek. Both David and Alexis find love and true friends in Stevie, the motel receptionist, and Twyla, the local café waitress, respectively.

The first time I watched the show was over the first lockdown in March 2020, a time when I felt the world needed a bit of laughter and love, and, because these themes ran throughout the show, it instantly captivated my family and I. This also seemed to be the thoughts of the world, as the TV show won six Golden Globe Awards and five Primetime Emmy Awards. After binge-watching the entire six series in about a month, I soon realised that this is my comfort viewing, and was keen to introduce as many people as I could to the permanent smile-fest of Schitt’s Creek.

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