A Short Discussion of Munchkin

Munchkin: a board game sweet by name but brutal by nature. 

The goal is to get to level ten; sounds simple, right? In theory it’s easy: sell items, fight monsters and get free levels from treasure cards. It suddenly gets a lot harder though when you realise everyone you are playing with is out to get you. They can curse you, causing you to lose a level; add points to the monsters you are fighting to make it harder to beat, and steal your treasure or levels. 

Munchkin is a relentlessly competitive game. Whilst working towards getting yourself to level ten, you also must do everything you can to stop your competitors getting themselves there first. You don’t make friends in this game; you have to fight only for yourself. 

It is important not to get too attached to your cards in Munchkin as you can lose them just as quickly as you get them. Luckily there are lots of opportunities to gain these back, such as when you lose your class and race cards. At first this losing and gaining does seem quite confusing, but each card clearly explains its functions so after a few rounds the game becomes easier to understand, and easier to focus on defeating your enemies. 

You have to be clever, and effectively utilise every card you get. When you are fighting monsters, you must carefully select which cards you use to defeat it, such as subtracting five attack points from monsters, or plus points to you. You also have to think ahead to anticipate what other players might do to make your fight harder. 

Overall, Munchkin is intensely stimulating, challenging and lots of fun to play. 


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Leia Butler

Leia Butler

May 2021
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