A very student Christmas

First year students seem to rush home over the holiday but the urgency of going home might still change for second and third year’s, this being dependant on their living situation and housemates. Second year English Literature student Ana Christodoulou, says: “I usually go home straight away, but this year I am planning on hanging around Norwich for a bit because of renting a student house”. However, living in a rented house rather than in student accommodation does not mean necessarily mean students stick around longer. I remember how my boyfriend basically raced home last year despite having his friends and myself around for a few more days. Marco Rizzo, a third year History student, mentions having a job whilst studying inevitably keeps him in Norwich during the holidays, “I might spend most of it in Norwich and campus and would only be able to spend a little less than a week at home, also train and coach tickets are expensive”. Fortunately, even as an international student, I can travel back home without it costing an arm and a leg or taking over half a day to travel. This year I am leaving university as soon as my last class is over. Second year English Literature with Creative Writing student, Miranda Gonzalez Farrington , highlights the hassle which might come with being an international student whose home is a popular tourist destination, “It’s also quite difficult to get flights and train tickets at a decent price for the exact dates that I would like, so most times it’s completely out of my control, and I’m sort of forced to spend more time in Norwich than I would even like to”. Last year I was not so aware of the events or things that were on offer for us still left behind because all I wanted to do was go home, as all my friends had done, and today I regret that. Campus, even Norwich, during this time felt so empty and I only saw the negative aspect of it but there was so much which could have been done. Currently there is not much up on the SU’s site after university breaks up for the term but downtown and around Norfolk there are loads of events over the festive season.

If possible, take a day trip out to Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden to explore the Christmas Bauble Trail anytime from 30 November to 5 January or venture out to Bure Valley Railway and enjoy a festive touch to Norfolk’s longest Narrow Gauge Steam Railway, an adventure available up until Christmas Day. In the city there will be opportunities such as seeing Beauty and the Beast at Maddermarket Theatre, the show running up until New Year’s Day. Up until 21 December you can explore Christmas traditions in Strangers Hall and from then until 1 January. Loads of restaurants and hotels offer great Lunches and Dinner deals during the festive season and there are several events in the city’s clubs for New Years but do not forget to keep an eye on the SU website as they are still subject to create and post events for you to attend around the university. 

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