A winter roadtrip

My family and I travelled around the UK for two weeks and covered a total of eight cities- London, Nottingham, York, Whitby, Edinburgh, Lake District, Bath, Canterbury and Norwich. It was an incredible trip, especially since weíre from Singapore and had never been to any of these places before. The main goal for us was to see as much of the UK as possible while all four of us were there, so there were certain cities we had less time in than others. I learnt that if youíre planning to take a road trip around any country, you should probably maximise your time in each city. We explored the city for most part of the day before we checked into our Airbnb accomodation in the evening, so we wouldn’t waste any time trying to settle into our rooms that we could be spending outside instead.

Daylight was precious, especially because we were there in the winter, so we learnt to rush around each city during the day and rest during the night. In Edinburgh, we even woke up at 8am just to explore the forest around our accomodation! It was worth it too, as we got to immerse ourself in nature and see some trees that Mary Queen of Scots once planted.

We did have to prioritise what we wanted to do, and we accepted that we would not be able to do everything. It helped that we had thought about which attractions would interest us the most as a family. For example, I wanted to visit Hadrian’s Wall because I am a huge fan of Roman history, but we had to skip that because according to my brother and father, it was ìjust a wallî.

Instead, we got to spend more time at Bath, which all of us ended up enjoying anyway.

Setting off really early in the morning is something we got used to. We left the Lake District at 7 in the morning to drive to Bath, and it turned out to be a pretty pleasant drive because of the beautiful views we got to witness from the car. Coming from a country that’s filled with modern buildings, my family was constantly delighted to find themselves surrounded by fields and meadows. Travelling from one place to another wasn’t such a pain when we got to stare out of the window at the scenery. Eventually we’d fall asleep, and my father was the only one who had to stay awake the entire time. One good tip for whoever’s driving the car is to make sure you always have snacks near you to keep you awake and energetic. Food will be there for you when your sleepy family isn’t.

Because we were doing a road trip to so many places, we only stayed in one city for a maximum of two nights. This suited us just fine, but we had to learn to pack in a way that allowed us to get up and leave quickly. We never unpacked our suitcases until we got to Norwich, where everyone reorganised their luggage in my house. The sense of impermanence was heightened and that added to the thrill of the whole trip. It was just one adventure after another; we were constantly on the move, always ready to dive into the culture of the next city.


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May 2022
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