A Year Without Marvel: A Blessing or a Curse?

Following recent news that Marvel Studios’ ‘Black Widow’ has now been postponed for a 2021 release, meaning no new releases from the studios for the remainder of the year, it must be asked – will they be missed? Do they indeed form an essential part of the film industry or are they simply, as Martin Scorsese famously labelled them, “amusement park films”? While it could be argued that they are not great feats of artistic expression, superhero films do make up a jaw-dropping percentage of yearly box office revenue, and the huge success of recent productions such as ‘Avengers: Endgame’ suggests that the demand for the genre is not by any means dwindling. And indeed, is it any wonder that, especially in these highly unusual times, we seek the solace of complex and interwoven cinematic universes such as Marvel, in which apparently regular people possess the abilities to fight evil and ensure the triumph of good? I would argue, absolutely not. Superhero films represent a kind of ultimate escapism – and one into which we can escape not alone, with legions of fellow fans. Not everything has to be a great artistic feat – sometimes it is enough to simply mean something to many people. 


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Elanor Bruleigh

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June 2022
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